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Gamma Draconis (Eltanin)

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1 Gamma Draconis (Eltanin) on 5/9/2016, 13:44


Despite of coming from Alpha Draconis I've no memories of this constellation or its stars yet (channelings come into my mind in sequences but quite rarely during a year so I'm expecting more to be revealed), except that I was somehow connected to Vega, not only because they are close but perhaps I was created on Eltanin (or Etanim is another name) and then 'shipped' to live, be trained and learn from Lyrans and Vegans. So there may be just a mother ship with a hybridization lab hanging near Eltanin.
I also receive a strong feedback of love energy whenever I send mine (a beam) towards this star and I've a sensation that 'my people' - those Draconians who are not in this dimension and have never been on the Earth yet have a telepathic - mind & heart contact with me so they can receive everything I observe and analyze which is a part of the deal we have. They cheer anytime I re-connect with them and acknowledge and accept more teachings, they can guide me towards more discoveries but I need to keep asking simple questions to receive answers.

What's more interesting is that Gamma Draconis has a 'companion'. A shielded spaceship? Wink

'Gamma Draconis is an evolved giant, belonging to the spectral class K5 III. It is 471 times more luminous than the Sun and has 72 percent more mass. It has a companion with a visual magnitude of 13.4, likely a red dwarf that may be a physical companion, not just an optical one.' (Source)


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