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Traits, origins, goals, tasks, angels

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Here's a lenghty list of Draconian/Reptilian attributes which you may identify with, or add yours below, based on your own observations. I used Draconian or Draconian/Reptilian but traits may apply to both.

Origins: A huge spaceship's laboratory, another galaxy, another dimension, 'heaven', Galactic Central Sun or any other Sun.

Draconian Ascension wake-up time: anytime

Most important life goal: self-mastery through own wisdom, understanding, connecting dots, seeing a bigger picture, heart opening.

Physical traits: strong legs, thighs, buttocks, but the back and chest may be weak regardless its fit look (thus we certainly wore an armour/protective suits and as humans, we feel pretty bare without it!), physically very strong, lean and athletic but not too muscular. Usually tall (over 170 cm) with long arms and legs, a smaller head and a long and/or athletic neck. Feet and hands may feel cold but the torso is usually very hot as if heated with an inner fire (high energy transformation) - you might have heard from your partner(s) before that 'your body feels like a heater'.
Characteristic, expressive and hypnotizing eyes giving intense, piercing looks, kind of 'I know who you are; I can see through you'. Dracos can talk to you using their eyes only (and telepathy). An iris color doesn't matter. I know nothing about any variations related to pupils - human eyes look just like human eyes but you need to rather read from the light in the eyes to know if one is awakened/positive or negative. Not just Reptilians or Dracos but also Pleiadians, Lyrans etc who are connected to the Source of love and awakened have rather big, intense, shiny eyes as if they were a reflection of the entire universe, and are full of love.

Psychological traits: just like of a warrior or a guard - doer, tense, purposeful, serious, official, practical, watchful, judgmental, dynamic, impatient, quick in making decisions, passionate, 'beast inside', very reactive, won't miss a thing, pays attention to every detail and any item around, can spot differences & similarities between alike patterns very fast. Very strong senses: smell, the 3rd eye, hearing, sensing energy fields, reactive to motion, shapes, colors. We must touch, feel or analyze deeply to believe that something exists. Many don't understand what 'relax' means, always ready to defend ourselves. Some have an ironical sense of humor. Straightforward, honest, me-first, wise, intelligent, have many interests but strongly specialize in one field of knowledge. Always cutting to the chase, often energetically imbalanced but outside perceived as balanced.
Draconians and Reptilians can spot one's weaknesses and strengths within a few seconds, reading tension from their energy field. We are good in understanding the body language and can express ourselves that way easily too. Dracos often discover and support those in whom they see a potential for self-mastery.
Draco finds it hard to focus especially since an individual Awakening time but it's common for all awakening people, and certainly those in twin flame relationships (because we are one but in 2 locations).

Fields of interest: music, sound and vibration, using own voice (accent, tone, specific command in the voice which many people notice this during the first contact). Dracos & Reptilians like playing with own voice, making great voice actors. We like spirituality, reading (science fiction), attending festivals of science, physical jobs like gardening, building things, carpentry, woodworking, sculpting, fixing things, renewing, repairing electronic devices, engineering, and sport over all. We enjoy anything technical and physical which also requires an eye for a detail, skilled hands and physical strength which helps distributing Chi energy. A happy Draco is the one who feels exhausted thanks to some enjoyable physical activity. It's difficult to make a Draco tired though since we have a lot of energy which regenerates fast, but we can become messed up by an excess of noise or details - we dislike going to supermarkets and shopping malls.
Jobs should always be matched with interests. I believe there are many Draconian professional sportsmen and sportswomen thanks to having a good control over own muscles, a need for the physical and me-first approach (competing). A Draco who cannot match his/her passionate nature with a job becomes a very bad employee or a very disliked boss too. The same applies to expressing own energy - blocked energy makes a Reptilian/Draco act like a 'zombie'.

Dracos/Reptilians are old souls, 'been there, seen this' kind of people, loners, lone wolves, nomadic creatures who feel good with just themselves and hates being disturbed. We are DIY people, we hardly ever pay for any 'spiritual services/coaching' because we know we can get to the core of a problem or issue, then fix it on our own - wisdom over all. Besides, who knows us better than ourselves? We want to experience first and foremost so we jump in head-on to learn practically, we have no patience for a theory. Many dragons become way-showers, pioneers because we have a courage to reach out for something that nobody else seen a potential in, discovering and operating in a niche.
Nevertheless, self-love becomes difficult and may be related to the regular human look as if we remembered our original Draconian look and disliked this current one. Thus we may feel uneasy around other humans as if our Draconian part had known that people could recognize the true Draco's look behind the human's body. Draconians love own minds but we often feel strangers, weirdos, unaccepted misfits. So we can become mean, grumpy, unpleasant for others and defensive first, until we sense that people like us. We then open a bit and show our power & uniqueness but can isolate again very quickly because we just like being alone. As doers, we are happy around people only when there's something to do, to organize or maintain and we tend to have friends whom we can do jobs with - a practical approach in making friendships.

Dracos/Reptilians have a bad habit - we keep talking/writing about ourselves and often want others to be like us. It's not selfishness but self-mastery, that we leave other people's issues to themselves since our philosophy is that everybody learns on own mistakes - 'if you screw up, you're gonna fix it and clean after yourself'. For example, when I use "I" often it means that I express my own views through own experiences and I stay away of repeating other's opinions. Yet it is misunderstood by many people who do not have a strong inner integrity.
Draconians/Reptilians have a negative ego which is often triggered by the closest family or teachers in our earliest years of life and may continue into the older age. Many Dracos/Reptilians have a wounded inner child issues related to the ego and a lack of self-love. Draconians/Reptilians often cannot 'let love in' and have to learn how to open their hearts. Ego issues clean up during an individual awakening time but the purge can be painful if the hybrid denies or rejects the need for a vibration upgrade. Once the ego is recognized and controlled, we can see a bigger picture about ourselves and unlock our potential. Dracos/Reptilians have control issues, are jealous, competitive, impulsive, and may often suffer due to a fear of abandonment, because we don't open on other humans easily.

Draconians/Reptilians are often those who bring tension between people, talking on things and individuals or groups, demanding perfection, order, aesthetics and simplicity, being impatient and pushing things to happen before their true timing comes. We can't stand trashed places and often offer our help in doing a clean up.

Draco don't like sharing own wisdom with those who won't understand or appreciate such teachings or observations. We do not repeat what we once said thus we hate any discussions, arguments, proving our rights. Provoked un-awaken Draco/Reptilian will react with inner fire and often will have an impulse to first make a mean threat, then defend ourselves physically, it's a natural response. Awaken Draco/Angel will either not respond at all or leave a place until one who started an argument will understand their mistake.

Skills: telepathy, heart and mind communication, lucid dreaming, foreseeing, time-travel, bi-location. Almost animal instinct. When we dream, we mostly live the 'second life' in another dimension for real, it's not just dreaming. During such astral trips, we do tasks, fight against evil energies, solve puzzles, disarm traps and meet other selves of people whom we know from this 3D dimension. Dracos can feel energy in items used or made in the distant past, also in ruined, abandoned places, military outposts, bunkers, castles, pyramids etc.
I believe that we Dracos have a big but hidden skill, kind of the lineage secret which we know about but us-humans are not aware of yet, and which is related to heart-crown-solar plexus chakras and energy fused by these. We won't know until it's safe for us to use it.
No advanced technology feels shocking, strange or difficult to us. Dracos learn very quickly how to operate any machine or device, are interested in 'how things are made', in science fiction movies, literature, video games, exploration, post-apocalypse. With our mind's eye we can see any thing in a 'before and after' mode, renewed or destroyed; we can 'see' abandoned buildings inhabited and new just like they were in the beginning.
We may have memories of post-apocalyptic worlds, a totally destroyed place or planet, a wasteland.
Some Dracos/Reptilians may have an interest in magic or witchcraft, ghost-hunting, rituals, alchemy, astrology, astronomy, numerology, math, geometry. We understand math and geometry just as they exist in the Universe, on some inner level, even if we're not good in these subjects at school. We have a great sense of a distance, dimension (size), volume and timing.

Family, relationships and friendships: Dracos and Reptilians are not 'family people', we don't feel any belonging to the biological family, a 'black sheep' in the herd, not interested in the family connections, its past, not staying in touch with family members (except for those who are physically around).
Draconians are not interested in having children, but others' children will always pay attention to us since we can be perceived as authority figures easily - think of a 'rigid', 'demanding' uncle or aunt who wants to 'test' children if they are in their top shape, mentally/intellectually and physically. Reptilian hybrids may decide to have children just for a survival of own genes and training a child to have control over him/her and make them become somebody well known in the 3D world.

Satisfying love relationships are extremely important for Draconians and we continuously search for that One perfect mate, which in many cases is the true other half - we feel incomplete upon finding him/her. /I always had a feeling there's somebody special for me and the 2012 Awakening brought me a twin flame who is literally the other half of our soul; we're Oneness residing in two different bodies, sexes and locations./
Draconians will force a lot of relationships to happen then will suffer deeply when are abandoned, often unable to open the heart or attract partners who have the same heart's lockout or self-esteem issues. We sometime break up too (and we are honest when we do it, though it's obviously painful for both) if we feel 'too sacked' or if we feel mismatched with a so far parter due to own energy/awakening progression. Harmony & balance but also excitement are the most important aspects sought in a relationship. Dracos hate when a partner sweeps problems 'under a rug' since we like keeping things open, ordered and solved quickly to avoid energy distortions.
Don't make a Draco guess what you want, tell it honestly instead, we are impatient but we respect courageous and open-minded people! On the other hand, we hate liars, bigots or people who tell a half of the truth, or people who don't walk their talk; we will provoke them to tell what's on their minds or request taking action according to what they said. We can also recognize negative Draco/Reptilians right away due to energy they emanate and hypocrisy they express verbally.

Draconians respect themselves and other Draconians from the same lineage thanks to having the same wisdom & past, galactic background, stories, achievements, failures etc., just like amongst a brotherhood of skilled warriors.

Environment & space: Draco/Reptilians are sensitive to temperature changes, feel bad (limited, muscles contracted) in low temperatures (+15C and lower). We feel the heat is as if our second skin. We hate cold rains, freezing winds, frost and winters though we can enjoy extreme frost (-30C) just because it's rare on most of continents. Dracos embrace anything 'extreme' very well and I'd even say that natural disasters are such times when the Draco really wakes up in the body, to act with a cold blood and survive. Storms, thunders, lightnings, twisters, tornadoes, hurricanes, anything extreme and mighty make a Draconian unleashed inside because these may resembles a battle field and are raw, wild forces of the nature. We feel Oneness with these.
Yet Draconians/Reptilians may dislike/fear water for many reasons but it depends on a hybrid. The first touch with water is always an unpleasant experience (though as humans we need to take care for hygiene as everybody else and we can become quite rigid about it). We also love anything powerful and mighty, huge constructions, wastelands, open space, places offering physical freedom so we could 'spread wings'. We love fire and really big bonfires let us harmonize within. Dracos feel bad in small places.
Favourite seasons: spring (late March to June, or September to December in the Southern hemisphere) and the middle of summer thanks to heats.
Favourite day time: Sunset and sunrise. Early, sunny morning, late afternoon, evening. Some are 'night owls'.

Animals: Dracos/Reptilian hybrids are quite like animals inside and therefore, are not afraid of reptiles. We are good hunters, we act before we think when engaged into a situation which requires defending the self. We catch snakes and lizards simply to observe and enjoy their beauty, but we don't hurt them. Some Dracos may have a great heart-to-heart connection with horses and dogs. Animals and especially cats can fear Reptilians' and Draconians' energies.

Colors & clothes: Dracos and Reptilians will often choose black, red, orange, dark blue, sometimes green and brown, usually dynamic contrasts. Leather looks good on us: black or red pants and jackets. We seem to be official, typical business folks, 'company representatives' - stiff, serious, rigid, having 'the gift of the gab' or just talking with own body language, thus we look good in well fitted official suits. However since energy runs high in us, then we usually choose sporty clothes and shoes for an every day use because we walk fast and step strongly. Some may like cowboy shoes with a thick heel.

Energy, possible health issues & body care: usually healthy, but can have allergies (hay fever), teeth/spine issues, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), other digestion issues, and neurosis which are related to the 3 bottom chakra - root, sacral and solar plexus blockages (or excess). Our crown & throat chakras are open so we mostly don't complain on headaches. Blood pressure may be low so we also don't have heart problems.
We have to take care for a distribution of Chi energy and embracing the Draconian angry impulses/impatience through physical exercises - walking and making big, strong steps, strengthening arms, legs, shoulders, and the neck. Bike riding, rock climbing, sit-ups, jumping, building things, carrying stones, singing 'war songs', etc. Physical exhaustion whether through physical activities incl. having sex makes Dracos balanced and fulfilled - the energy is purged and released. We have to stretch a lot to remove muscle tension, so yoga and exercises with a fitness ball helps ere.
We naturally transmute energy from very raw into 'digestible'; from either Earth into the Universe or vice versa - through physical work, exercises, exploration, traveling, using own muscles, being on the move. Idle Draconian with stuck energy becomes super unhappy, upset and depressed = troubles are coming for everybody around!

Possible past galactic jobs we had: technician, engineer, air force/military commander, repair-man, explorer, observer (data gathering), genetic engineer, and many other technical, scientific and physical jobs. We tend to specialize in one thing, and we're mostly self-taught bcause we learn quickly. Dracos abandon tasks or interests if there's nothing more to achieve (self-mastery). Though we find it difficult to 'let go' since we put a lot of the self (own energy) into making things happen and we're very picky too - once established, difficult to release.

The heart pulls towards the eastern sites of the world, as if there was a galactic energy site/gate which we subconsciously know about. The heart may also resonate with: Alpha Draconis, Vega/Lyra, Mars, Ursa Major, Polaris, Orion and other galaxies.

Past timelines on the Earth may include: Mongolia (Genghis Khan feels strong to me), Tibet (spiritual self-mastery), China (acceptance), Medieval times (1290-1490; we were knights, warriors, rebels against kings & forced religions; mysterious strangers, wanderers, nomads, leaders). Negative Reptilians could have been Crusaders since it's about a religious colonization. We usually rebelled against hypocrisy and religious agenda (our species Divide might have been about it), and anybody who tried to impose some other regulations on us. We always had our own, individual rules.

Symbols associated with Draco & Reptilians: fallen angel, dragon, snake, Naga, octopus, Gorgona, Hydra, Quetzalcoatl.

Reptilian Divide created:
1) Draco rebels, 'renegades': supporting wisdom, empathy, angelic, heart opening, self-mastery; hiding until the time comes;
2) Lizards - involved in religious wars (Iran, Iraq, also Vatican, medieval crusaders, Satanists?),
3) Negative Reptilians - politics, manipulation, abuse, hypocrisy, no empathy, no imagination, the brain over the heart approach,
4) possibly other races who do no fit clearly into any of above.

Draconian/Reptilian women: most of contactees reported seeing Draco/Reptilian masculine species - big ugly and angry guys who are fascinating and respected nevertheless. Little is know about Draco women though. We were either kept hidden (given little importance just like Iranian women), or we had some other self-mastery things to do. It's also said, what I believe, that we are 2 sexes in one body, in terms of mentality and energy. It's the same like with awakening people and angels who merge masculine and feminine energy in one body so in fact we-human hybrids may appear androgynous.

Draconian women are dominative, charismatic yet independent and many human men will feel confused or sacked in a relationship with them, thus guys may often leave before the relationship 'settles down', obviously making a Draco woman rage, then transform. We hate sexism. Dominative Draco/Reptilian men are often better situated thanks to own aggressive, typically masculine traits and they often choose submissive, loving and accepting human women, but they must watch for own control issues, impatience, jealousy, addictions and physical abuse.

Female Draco hybrids can be recognized by their behaviors or looks: 'exotic', mysterious even dangerous aura sort of 'let's play but keep the distance, otherwise I'll attack', perceived as if they had a secret, cheeky, dominative, wise, cautious, sultry, but also aggressive, and/or defensive, old souls, 'I know it all' types, passionate but cold-blooded. Seeking inner balance for own survival. Strong, fiery responses if blamed for doing something they didn't. In-born sexual stamina and how-to, never needs to learn anything. Negatively, this can be used for controlling human men through sexuality, as much as Reptilian men control through manipulation, deception and abuse. Positively, can teach and upgrade partners' Kundalini energy. Very picky in mating, negative Draco/Reptilians attract negative partners whom they want to 'heal'. Lesson to learn: cannot heal/protect others before healing thyself!
Negative Reptilian/Lizard women are ones who you'd call a 'mean witch', always plotting, and always suffering. I've no info on positive Reptilian women, come out ladies!

Faith and beliefs: Draco mostly needs no gods because they find it a weakness to have another authority above - so we end up being atheists or when awakened, agnostics. There may be many false Catholics amongst Reptilians & Lizards (priests, bishops, cardinals, popes, other representatives and 'servants' of any organized religion) - due to fear, survival issues, greed or other personal wounds (projection of fear, xenophobia, racism, misogyny; inability to accept freedom and Oneness).

Younger Draconians/Reptilians (15-30 y.o.) often search for tough life lessons by creating complex situations or isolating completely to study themselves. Younger are very defensive and rebelled because they feel limited in the human body. Older species (+30 y.o.) better believe in their skills, rights, own wisdom, experience and they stop searching for an external applause, they also develop self-love gradually. Elders learn how to ignore petty things and don't take them too personally. All Dracos/Reptilians are sensitive to criticism and will fiercely prove that they were right, we like having the 'last word' Wink.

Draconian/Reptilian Angels - feel conflicted inside since the very childhood; rebels, may escape from home & school often, tough students, dislike school, rules, regulations and anything which they don't feel passionate about or resonate with. Teens and adults have an inner war going on due to the brain vs the heart impulses so they often look for a release by provoking the outside environment. The Draconian/Reptilian brain is highly intellectual, analytical and this is where the ego resides. The heart is usually subdued, kept locked under a 'protective armor'. Draconians have a hard time saying "I love you" to anyone prior to finding their other half (twin flame or the best matched soul mate). Expression of the heart's emotions feels like a weakness for many of us. Awakening helps the inner Angel emerge and combine with the Draco/Reptilian and the human (3 into 1). To make it happen, Awakening/vibration opens the heart and other chakras, forces the brain to 'step aside', gives the heart a priority in making decisions and guides the human towards releasing own re-awaken skills. When we allow love & light in, this becomes a life changing experience.

Draco/Reptilians may be infamous fallen angels and back then we might have joined those who are perceived as evil in many religious stories. We might have been thrown out of the 'heaven' because we have become so very skilled and yet imposed own rules that we could have become 'god-like' but god/source didn't like having a 'competition' so it sent us to lower dimensions to create, just as we wanted. But then we reached out for more than we could once again, and troubles happened.
Draconian Angels come through a big transformation thanks to Awakening and yet those guided by the heart and wisdom can make a quantum jump on the path of Ascension. Learning and listening to own astral heart & own wisdom lets us embrace Awakening within just a few years while negative ego-driven human hybrids can struggle with their upgraded frequency/vibration and energy/DNA purge for decades - ending up ill or hospitalized due to a denial and an attempt to support low, dying energy, which most of negative Reptilians create and feed with.

Usually after 10-20-30 years of life 'service to self' is often turned to 'service to others', or the opposite if we've were taught (parents, former teachers) to put others before ourselves.

To embrace angelic traits easier, some of us were born under two opposite zodiac signs (Western and Chinese) and there may be also some opposition going on in our natal charts (Sun vs Moon, and squares). /I'm a (Fire) Dragon and Pisces (Water) - Pisces give a skill of empathy and feeling 'one with everything' so the Draco's survival mechanism and a need for having money, buying things, collecting material things are pretty dissolved/.
These polarities indicate a need to establish an inner balance and be in touch with the self - observe and remove sabotaging behaviors & thoughts as soon as possible. Negative ego is big problem for Draconians/Reptilians as it's easily triggered to express our worst, but I believe it's not what we have created. It's almost as if it was an energetic implant in the brain or DNA which is used to make us still connected to the Negative Reptilian family and react when they create distortions and disillusions so we couldn't break free. Thankfully, the Ascension purges/removes such a conditioning gradually.

As energy transmuters, we guard special places/gates on the Earth and in other dimensions which help us re-established and clean a love-grid - this will fuse love into hearts of all the people and all the galactic races once hearts are upgraded, extended and opened. The goal is to make us one with the Source of love/Universe again through surrendering and supporting the Light, not the Darkness.


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