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How did you learn you're a Draconian or Reptilian or a related hybrid?

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My story, briefly. I was born as a Fire Dragon (1976) in a European city of which a (slain) dragon is a symbol. I never connected the dots before 2012 when my Awakening started, then 2016 when I first experienced an angel (or Draco, hard to tell yet) emerging from me. I finally came across this website which will tell you your birth star based on your birth time and location. Eltanin (Gamma Draconis) in Alpha Draconis constellation is my star. All of this finally clicked with what I always had known in my heart but was in denial (little human thinking: 'too good to be true').

Having an awareness of being a (positive) Draconian is not the last step in our spiritual evolution however. This is a big boost for a self-confidence but comes with energy transmutation, ego surrendering and energy 'implants' removal. Spiritual folks, mostly of Pleiadian origins say that our goal is a return to the Source and this should happen in a form of re-creating a light body then a crystal body, or it's one and the same. I won't be lying here that I know what it is about but after/before discovering a Draconian or Reptilian origins, we're gonna have an angel awakening too. Draconians (also Dragons and Serpents) are linked with: Seraphim and/or Phoenix thanks to the fire element we're mostly driven by.

There are also stories floating on the net that Draconians/Reptilians can be associated with Lyrans, Sirians and Greys through genes sharing and manipulation.


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