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Alpha Draconians and other Draconian Star Seeds have turned to Love & Light thx to the Ascension process. Join and meet your Galactic Family here.

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Hello to Draconian Rebels

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1 Hello to Draconian Rebels on 3/9/2016, 23:17


Hello everybody! Thank you for joining the forum!

I've created this discussion board because I'm an Alpha Draconian and I would love to hear from others who have been on their path of Awakening. I saw a few websites and a Facebook Positive Reptilian page but I'd love to build a little, friendly and quite anonymous community here through a forum where privacy matters the most. I'm not on FB and won't be joining it anytime.
It'll be awesome to share opinions, galactic memories, dreams and support each other in overcoming the original Draco/Reptilian traits (in the meanwhile of awakening the other and higher part of the self - an Angel).

Why Draconian Rebels? Simply put - we, awakened Draco- and Reptilian hybrids do not want to feed the darkness anymore. We are the rebels, renegades who have seen through Reptilian's agenda thus we do not support their tactics. Just like in zoology, reptiles is a major genus with a few species, thus Reptilians can be divided into Draconians, Lizards and others too. Once awakened, we had to turn to the Light and Love as our frequency had begun rising and our hearts called out for attention. All of this obviously had changed our views, interests, identities and behaviors and let us see a bigger picture. And, guess what? It feels better now.

I think a blog/website is unnecessary because we usually want to comment on opinions and share. Yet I've no material for articles to write because I'm still embracing my Draconian & Angelic parts with infrequent channelings/downloads of knowledge about the galactic past. I'd love to meet other Draco family members and find similarities thus the discussion board should do better.

And lastly, perhaps we could send David Icke a 'with love' postcard so that he could update his fearful teachings and learn that the Light had also made its way into our heavily shielded hearts! Wink


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