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Practicing the heart communication

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Thanks to the Awakening, many 'sleeping' skills are being waken up or deepened for humans. Some of us have had a telepathy skill since we were born but the other gift we have is a heart communication which we discover only thx to said Awakening. What's the difference? To me, telepathy occurs very randomly, like a flash of an instinctive 'thought', a resonance between two minds in a feedback thinking of the same topic and taping into the cloud of consciousness where a suggestion or answer can be so we catch up with it. It is difficult to control but it feels as if two brains or consciousnesses combined for a second or two.

On the other hand, the heart communication is something to learn and this one can be controlled. One needs to open the heart chakra to successfully communicate through the heart. First make sure you're in a positive to neutral mood. You must not be negative or lacking own energy while performing this exercise, otherwise you can weaken yourself or disturb/imbalance the one whom you send your vibrational 'message' to! Next, you can imagine something like an iris (like in a camera or docking gate in a space ship in s/f movies) built-in into your heart which slowly opens on your gentle command/request. Yes, be patient and gentle towards your chakra, giving orders won't do. Then think of a fixed location or a person, a loved one and a beam you want to send it to, make it a quick message like a short sentence or a smile, a kiss, etc., encode it into the beam. When you feel your heart chakra is vibrant and open (feels like a round or triangle opening in the middle chest where upper ribs meet), send the ray-like stream to the previously chosen destination.
Now, the best part. If you sent this encoded message to a person who is connected with you spiritually, she or he may reply and you will also feel it in your heart. The trick is that the heart and mind will somehow translate this message for you so you'll 'know' what the answer is (based on its vibration). However, if you try to focus your brain and its logic expecting any incoming message, you won't catch or decode it, at least until yours (and all human brains) are 're-wired' to be as skilled as the hearts. Your heart will always notify you of the incoming message.


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