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A-Z volcabulary of terms related to the Ascension and Awakening

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(In progress)

Angel, angelic being - a spiritual being, a form of energy which 'sleeps' within a human (possibly in the 'astral' heart) and 'comes out' when an individual's vibration is high and lasting enough. Angel's energy is very strong and always requires a human to provide any kind of 'service to others' either through a material/physical or most often a non-physical/energetic way (ie. by going to places and radiating own or/transmuting existing energy/vibration into a higher and less dense).

Ascension - a spiritual process of emerging the best traits of the living being, a spiritual shift from lower to higher dimensions and vibration related to these (example: from 3D to 5D and higher).

Atlantis - a hypothetical lost (destroyed/flooded) continent located in the Atlantic Ocean on the east of North & South Americans and the west of Africa and Europe. Its ancient inhabitants are called Atlanteans.

Awakening - a moment and a process which is a part of, see: Ascension. It's connected to opening a locked memory, balancing the heart and the brain, purging emotional body, DNA and energy of past incarnations, re-modelling & opening chakras which leads to a self-realization, acceptance, belief, surrendering and Ascension.

Bila, Teka, Merck - according to Alex Collier (self-titled Andromedans contactee), they were hypothetical planets in the Lyra constellation which were destroyed by Alpha Draconians.

Chakras - spiritual, energetic, vibrational spots within a human body. Traditionally, there are 7 chakras (1 to 7): root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye, crown. It's said that more chakras are created and/or opened during the Ascension process.

Channeling - a spiritual method of retrieving messages from higher dimensions. True channelings usually include a series of 'visions', 'images' or 'movies' 'played' in the mind or 3rd eye of a channeling person which visions occur either spontaneously, or during a state of deep meditation or sleep.

Draconians - see: Reptilians. Draconian is a species of Reptilian genre/family. They seem to be connected to a mythological/biblical dragon and/or snake. Draconians are well known for their self-mastery and in-born wisdom.

Empath - a highly sensitive person who perceives reality via their increased senses including telepathy, vibration reading, bi-location, clairvoyance and others.

Lemuria (Mu) - a hypothetical lost (destroyed/flooded) continent in the Pacific Ocean located on the east of Australia and Japan and west of both Americas. Its ancient inhabitants are called Lemurians.

Maldek, Tiamat - hypothetical planets which were placed between Mars and Jupiter but were destroyed due to unknown cataclysm and their debris created the Asteroid Belt.

New Earth - old Gaia/Earth with upgraded energy/vibration thanks to the Ascension process and Awakening of humans.

Number codes, time stamps - reoccurring, doubled numbers which you accidentally and frequently spot in various, unexpected places or on object (a clock, bills, phone numbers, registration plates, video/song time mark, etc.) You're suddenly pulled in your mind to look at in a certain direction or at a clock. Most common numbers are 11:11, 12:12, 21:12, 3:33, 4:44 (16:44), 5:55; or just 11, 33, 44, 55 and many more but may be preceded by seeing 000 and/or 999 before you recognize the 'weirdness' of seeing 11:11. Some spiritual researches assign these to encoded messages from angels. I believe they speak of your internal integrity (1 you the human, and 1 your soul, or your inner angel), a reminder to check up if you're one with your Self or if you've given away too much energy elsewhere. It may also mean that if we have a double living on a spaceship in another dimension (this came out as one of my channelings), you're both mentally aligned in this very moment. I've also noticed that solar flares are very often aligned with seeing such synchronistic time stamps. If you write down your daily syncs and go to Sun Flares stats website, you can notice some astonishing similarities.

Reptilians - an ancient galactic race who don't remember where they actually came from. Reptilians have many  species (see: Draconians, Lizards). Reptilians came on Earth to colonize it but also protect.
Negative Reptilians and Draconians are linked with the Darkness, Satan and many conspiracy theories - ETs/aliens in human bodies (see: Hybrids) who desire to manipulate humans, limit their freedom and feed with their energy but also involved in financial and militaristic frauds.
Positive Reptilians and Draconians observe & guard special places, transmute energies, undergo the Awakening process through self-mastery and a surrender to Light & Love then use their heart's power and deep wisdom to teach others. Reptilians seem to be one of the newest group of human hybrids who have been gradually discovering the truth of their galactic past since the middle 1990s or 2012.

Rebel - a person or being who rejects established rules and regulations due to own heart's beliefs, or brain's convictions/logic. See: vibration & resonance.

Synchronicity -

Vibration - Vibration resonates with another thus people say 'I resonate/don't resonate with it' because two fields of vibration meet and are either accepted or rejected by the energy field (that coming from the brain and the heart together). Color, sound, voice, smell are vibrations.


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