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When the inner angel is active

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1 When the inner angel is active on 5/9/2016, 23:08


When my angel is active, I feel an urge to go out and I feel almost like having huge 'wings' which are spread wide and piercing love energy radiating around my body - very high vibration and heart's courage. So I go out and walk, and walk, and walk until I feel the 'task' is completed - the angel leads me to places. The human body with the angel active will feel literately high and empowered thanks to a heightened vibration. This will make you go and leave traces of your energy there, where people usually walk or meet, so that once they cross your invisible paths, they will get a bit of your 'love energy particles' and then their inner angels will be activated too, less or more. It effects everybody. It's like a positive 'virus' making people feel good when they are around your energy field, which often may feel highly electric too.

Being in such a state of energy, you will sense good and bad energies very strongly. You will have a sense of knowing what kind of people you're passing by as if seeing through them. When you pass by the people who have negative energy, it'll give you a feeling of an electric currents running through your arms and shoulders, a sensation of fear. When one has good energy though, it'll feel soothing and grounding - such strangers may also pay attention to you (looking at you, asking about something, smiling, etc) because your energies will be in tune/a feedback with each other.
The inner angel will often lead you to places were negative people are located so you can 'neutralize' their negativity, yet by the having an excess of heightened vibration, you will not feel their negativity at all - the high vibration protects you from bad energy's influence, though don't stay too long in such places to avoid being harassed Wink

Yesterday's example - I was 'called out' to go out and, to my surprise, I met so many 'skewed' souls on my way (which route I didn't even plan before and the day was beautiful, I just left the house. I don't live in any suspicious district). Literary in a bush, I came across a young prostitute (a 'mall girl' who accepts sexual services for money paid by rich sponsors - they usually meet at shopping malls to make deals then they meet in chosen locations to do the job), followed by, most possibly, her client - a lurching old drunkard (there was nobody else, just them two acting as if they didn't know each other and honestly a bushy, side-road is not a usual place to see a young women dressed up as for a date) and who probably also had HIV (that's what my intuition suggested judging the look of his body - he was half naked, in short pants, looked very sick and his energy was dark, perversive and heavy).
Next I found doped young British people laying on grass near a railroad next to a car with a yellow UK license plate, mumbling something to each other, then more drunk teenagers partying outdoor near a bunker.
What a lovely walk, wasn't it?  Very Happy It was very bizarre because it was a beautiful and hot Sunday afternoon and these folks acted as if it was the 'end of days', 'Sodom & Gomorrah' timing already. Some people react that way to the frequency rise and on that day there was an acceleration felt in the 'air' so I literary felt like flying.

The thing is that an inner angel doesn't ask me for interacting with people or helping them in a physical way, but only to leave an excess of my positive energy to change their vibration. This is totally enough to begin making changes in their lives, mostly through their chakras purge, then they will slowly realize what's wrong in their lives and what mistakes they'd made. Some of you who are more social may be asked by their angels to interact with certain individuals.

And finally, sometime the Universe will put a 'testing object' on your angelic path, to see how you'll react. The last time I experienced it, there was a beggar who actually didn't look like a beggar judging by his clothes but his eyes told me the truth. He had a piece of cardboard and it said he was asking for donations to buy himself a dinner. I then didn't stop by to give him any money since it was that judgmental, logical human impulse that many of such people cheat and they spend free money on alcohol. For a moment I thought I could invite him for some cheap dinner in this bar he was standing next to, at least to see that the money were spent on what he wanted. I don't make a lot of money so it's always a struggle to spend any. When I came back home, I knew I'd failed the test because it just felt bad in my heart and I knew he was placed on my way for a reason, yet he wore a red sweater, hard to be missed and my fav color too. I had a feeling I wouldn't see him again and because I didn't know anybody to help him, I asked other angels to send the beggar a human - an employer or a social worker who could offer that guy at least a seasonal job for a reasonable pay (it was in the spring, so maybe some gardening, cleaning jobs etc.) and then I felt totally relieved that in fact I'd passed the test in the last moment, because I reported that poor soul to the collective and asked for helping him. I haven't been in this street again later so I've no idea how it ended up but I'm positive he either got some courage to try to find a job or he was sent a helpful human.


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