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Draco/Reptilian's energy waking up

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Awakening make us feel little grounded thus grounding and releasing that excess of energy is crucial.

So far I've discovered on my own (publishers, please credit me for this Wink ) three ways to release the beast.

1. Connecting with the fire element - I set bonfires in the garden whenever the weather is good enough, but if it's not, then burning candles helps too. Also smelling incense oils, using an oil burner - those heavy fragrances which calm down the root chakra and ground the soul/spirit - ylang-ylang, lavender, opium, cypress, and surely there are more but I only tested these listed. Don't use 'pitched' smells like orange, tangerine, thyme or eucalyptus, etc. when you feel little grounded as they clean the crown chakra and will detach your soul/spirit from the body even more.

2. Going for a walk, riding a bike. If you go for a walk, make extended and strong steps just like a predator, think of how a tyrannosaurus might have walked back then. It is to let you connect with the Earth and feel strength in your legs. Strengthening leg muscles is very important for Dracos as it seems our legs are almost a weapon and I believe we were very good runners and nomads as well. Do sit-ups, and other thigh & calf exercises. Then feet are also important since they are those points of connection with the Earth. Work out arms, forearms and hands to feel muscles strong and responsive - weight lifting, or get a rubber band if your spine is weak.

3. This is a funny part, don't tell anybody Laughing My Draco energies often want to be expressed through the mouth, the throat chakra & the heart. It sometime feels like my dragon wants to 'blow fire', the inner Draco warrior wants to sing war songs in a Norse-like made up language (it is especially active during heavy storms!), or burr, snarl and growl as a dog threatening an enemy Very Happy But this one comes so naturally and yet when nobody sees me, that I let it go. Of course, we humans have a control over our bodies anytime and the Draco/Reptilian inside knows they have to respect it and collaborate nicely because we both (along with the 3rd being - the angel) have a common goal to achieve!


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