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Fallen angels no more

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1 Fallen angels no more on 5/9/2016, 21:32


We, positive Reptilians/Draconians are no more 'fallen angels'. I can testify my inner angel emerged on the leap day of 2016 (02/29, that's 11/11 if you follow numerology). It was a bizarre experience as if I doubled for a few seconds and everything around stopped and wobbled. In addition, I felt as if I-in-another-timeline-dimension 'programmed' myself for that very moment so the angel could come out.

How it happened? It is my 4th year of full Awakening. I was working out at home (didn't mean to wake up the angel or knew anything about it but physical exercises can rise your vibration a lot which is necessary to let the human body open, energetically speaking), then I felt tired so I sat on the floor and looked into my eyes in a mirror. I saw that vibration in my eyes and in that moment I experienced the angel's literately ascending out of me, though it wasn't a 3D being, it was as if I saw it 'through air', with my 3rd eye, and yet I had this very knowing that it was exactly an angel, a black angel. I felt so excited and then accepted it after a few minutes of puzzling what the hell happened. Then I felt super confident that if I'm such an angelic being now, that nothing is impossible, such a very difference to being a limited, squeezed, miserable human deprived of all past skills and powers. My vibration was very high so I could not fall asleep but I remember I started listening to songs, specifically one album which I loved in the 90s - the tracklist was in tune with what I was experiencing that evening. I felt as if I lived this moment before even though it was unlike a deja-vu, much more intense and lasting longer. Just as if I programmed myself.

I then received a few own channeligs later about why we, fallen angels are welcome back. Of what I understood, they - other angels, guides, other Draconians/Reptilian rebels who never lived on the Earth, and whoever else from another dimension - they need us because a) deeds are done - we got many, mostly unpleasant lessons to understand energies behind our so far actions; b) we decided to let the Light & love in; c) we've have potent skills of the heart and the mind which let us fuse/transmute a lot of raw energy; d) we were always warriors - the Earth is constantly harassed by evil entities so we can help here. So simply put, those above need us with our powers 'back into business'. Our hearts were opened so we could recall who we are and what happened, along with the heart chakra upgrades to receive/transmute love and spread it around.

There's a trick though which the human brain does - it's conditioned to make a human feel either too small or too big, to deny and reject the 'impossible' truth through analysis and it's typical for Reptilians/Draconians to deny the invisible because the 'logic' tells us something else. The brain starts questioning the 'possibility' of the experience to reject the truth we had already received and then we can easily lose a connection with own power and the angel, until it comes out again.

Have you had any experiences like this? Do you feel an angel inside of you?


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