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How did we become an opposition to negative Reptilians? Black League?

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I'm absolutely sure I come from a galactic lineage of rebels and all my so far human life has been like this too. I've read a few stories on-line and from all of these and comes out this situation (I only believe in what resonates with my heart):

Initially, when we were most probably punished and dropped to the Milky Way, Reptilians incl. Draconians kept together. Later, due to some event or argument, different plans, hypocrisy etc., some of us, those who disagreed with the new, unethical rules left the collective to form a 3rd party, an opposition to stay committed to our original beliefs, behaviors, wisdom, ethics etc. I've come across a name 'Black League' which is said to be a group resisting the evil purposes of the Reptilian/Orion Empire and this resonates well too. (Source: see Orions).

So, what happened? Why and where did we, rebels, ditched the Empire? Do you have any past memories or received related channelings? Human logic will not help here because the brain knows nothing about the past, it's just a piece of meat holding the ego to let us-humans survive on Earth, thus I'd rather hear what your heart is telling you about this topic Smile


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