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Alpha Draconians and other Draconian Star Seeds have turned to Love & Light thx to the Ascension process. Join and meet your Galactic Family here.

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This is how you get promoted on the forum

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I think most of us, Draconians were pilots, Space Air Force members thanks to an ability to 'fly' in any form, either navigating clippers, spaceships or just having an inner jet engine which lets us ascend and accelerate Wink

So here's a suggested list of ranks and an accompanying number of posts required to get promoted:

Airman - 3
Sergeant - 20
Lieutenant - 50
Commander - 200
Captain - 400
Colonel - 650
Major - 950
General - 1300
Admin (that's me, no limit but I'd happily place myself as a Commander as this is the rank what my past memory resonates with Wink)

If you have any other suggestions, let me know in this post!


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