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7 chakras in the human body

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1 7 chakras in the human body on 5/9/2016, 14:02


Reptilian and Draconian human hybrids have usually huge problems with either blocked or overactive bottom chakras - root, sacral and solar plexus - because they are responsible for survival, creativity, adjustment, letting go, fight or flight issues, also connection to the Earth and its old dense energies disturbed with many wars. These are also triggered during Awakening, causing a lot of so called 'ascension symptoms'.

Dracos and Reptilians don't have a problem with upper chakras - crown, 3rd eye and throat, since we speak out what's on our mind with ease, wisdom and honesty. We can communicate any dislike without feeling guilty that somebody may not like what we criticized.

The heart chakra opens and widens for all humans and all races because it's a point of connection with the Source of love. Dracos and Reptilians had the heart chakra blocked for many years for whatever reason, either a punishment for creating fuss in 'heaven' or later colonization/control/manipulation issues.

There are more chakras which are placed outside of the body and they are either made or opened for us, depending on our spiritual progress and can also cause a lot of interferences and 'wobbles'.


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